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New Testing Procedures

As many of you know we have been trying out a new testing procedure involving informing students of eligibility earlier and testing theory and push-ups in advance of the test. This has been a great success with a much higher test pass rate. We would like to formalize the procedure as follows:

  1. A student who has attended the required number of classes will be told of their eligibility to test in advance of the test date.
  2. The student will then be given a theory test sheet to complete.
  3. The student must then bring their curriculum sheet and the completed theory test sheet into their own class.
  5. If the student it Green belt and above then they will attend the breaking and physical fitness test on the advertised date.
  6. If they pass the breaking etc. then they will attend the test on the regular test day along with all the other ranks. No additional breaking is required, but theory will be tested again.

The student must still be attending class regularly to be further assessed in advance of the test.

If it looks like more work is still required in order to pass the student will be recommended for a later test instead, with additional training focus given in class.

ITF Affiliation

We would like to mention that Mightyfist Taekwon-Do and Morris Martial Arts, Inc. are not associated with any North Korean Organizations. We have been made aware that other TKD schools in the area have been describing our school as the North Korean Taekwon-Do School.

General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do was born in 1918 in Myong Chung a district which now resides in North Korea. General Choi served in the South Korean Army where he developed Taekwon-Do, he also formally named it Taekwon-Do on 11th April 1955. and one of his dreams when he was alive was that all of Korean would be united peacefully.

The ITF was formed in 1966 in Seoul South Korean, but after a falling out with the South Korean governnment General Choi moved the ITF headquarters to Vienna, Austria, the headquarters has since moved to Rome, Italy. The ITF is a democratic organization comprised of Taekwon-Do Students and Member Organizations which represent Continents, Countries and Schools.

The WTF (World Taekwon-Do Federation) was formed in 1973 by the South Korean Government after General Choi left to live in Canada and has it's own qualities.

The WTF style is heavily focused on competition aspects of sparring and has often been described as "Sport Taekwon-Do". The ITF style is more Traditional with longer stances and emphasis on Technique and Power and is described as "Martial Taekwon-Do".

For further information please visit the ITF website at or for independent reading at and